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South America is the fourth largest continent of the World. The three ends of south America meet with the Caribbean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Pacific Ocean and the fourth end joins with North America. The only amazon river flow with pride in South America.  South America’s beauty is like nothing you have ever experienced. There is an undeniable mesmerizing beauty about the beaches, wildlife, volcanoes, and archaeological sites of this region. South America is living some of the ancient cultures, colonial towns that haven’t changed since the 18th century. You can mountain bike down the Andean roads. Andean is one of the World’s largest mountain range comprised of glaciers, volcanoes, grasslands, deserts, lakes, and forests. Andean is well known to shelter wildlife of chinchillas and condor along with pre-Columbian archaeological sites.

Iguazú Falls present one of the most gorgeous views of the waterfalls. It is a chain of numerous falls that extends to 3 kilometers. The falls are divided between Argentina and Brazil’s side and are much bigger than Niagara Falls itself. 

In the southwest of Argentina, you will find Los Glaciares national park counted as one of the World Heritage by UNESCO in 1981. 

The most spectacular place found in the mountain range of Serranía de la Macarena, Caño Cristales also known as the River of Five Colors in Colombia. The river displays vivacious yellow, green, blue, black and red color shades. You can find some amazing beaches and white sands: Rio De Janeiro in Brazil, La Paz in Bolivia, Machu Picchu in Peru, Porto Seguro and Buenos Aires. For white- water rafting on Class V rivers and for various night Bahian Town beaches.

Our consults can help you route down a trip of adventures on sea, land, and skies of south America at cheap and affordable rates. Our consultants will share expertise and safety information on your potential visit to South America. We will help to plan the trip according to the age-appropriate places for your family. If you are a bachelor we will provide a separate plan for you about places according to your likings. 

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