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Europe as a continent occupies around one-fifteenth of the world’s total land. Europe by its three sides is surrounded by sea and the other by the Ural mountains which let you enjoy both landscape and water activities.

Among numerous islands, the 5 major peninsulas include Jutland and the Scandinavian, Iberian, Italian, and Balkan. Whereas,  London, Paris, and Rome in Europe are amongst the Top 25 destinations. 

The United Kingdom alone has 31 historical sites from the official list of world heritage. For a classic choice of history, you can visit Paphos the first capital of the Roman Era. Europe gets to offer the best of the best for party people. In Europe, you get to experience art installations, festive like avant-garde street parades, costumed dance parties, concerts along with celebrations of art- and music-filled fête.

One of the lesser-known yet amazing coastal escape places cortina hits the note for the hand-harvested wines, plates of pasta in opulent truffle sauces by the crystal blue water and archeological sites of ancient Dalmatian towns, dynamic city of Zagreb and how can we forget about Venice in Italy, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Hyde Park in Britain, and the Colosseum. There is a lot of room for exploration in (Vipavska Dolina) wine rich valley of Vipava, just two hours distance from Vince in Slovenian where the trees blossom in spring and foliage in autumn is colorful. Vipava valley was also an important station under the roman empire evident from the landmark of Mt Nanos. The landmark is also a popular destination for hiking, mountain biking, climbing, and paragliding.

There is an entirely different vibe of Asturias also known as green Spain and sporty place. Covadonga Convent also holds historical importance as a town dedicated to King Pelayo.

According to our logistics the better the planning you have for Europe the better chances for a successful trip as per your expectations. Europe may be smaller than Australia but Europe has a lot of attractions, museums, and archeological sites. Your bucket list might not fit the budget. Consulting our agent will help you pick a route that fits your budget as well as your must-see places bucket place.

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