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The similar fact about Australia and NewZealand is that in both countries the weather is opposite of the Northern Hemisphere.

Australia is famous for its predatory wildlife is the sixth biggest country in the world and occupier of the island of Tasmania. Australia is widely known for its best food in Melbourne, mesmerizing sightseeing and long history in Sydney, the best wine in  Adelaide, Brisbane or Perth and the most amazing city is probably Queenstown. You can opt for Glow worms, villas and Hot Tubs in Wollemi National Park, New South Wales, and architecture is to-go in Adelaide the City of Churches. 

You have a lot of postcard-worthy beach choices in both countries. Sydney, Brisbane, Queensland, and Melbourne offer beaches that will stun you but the North Island of New Zealand and the Bondi- Coogee beach in Sydney along the cliffs tops the desired destination places. 


Along with a visit to the modern art museum called MONA, you can experience amazing trekking, photography, and wildlife as well in Tasmania.Whereas the best destination to Surf, Snorkel, and Dive with migrating whale sharks, is the Great Barrier Reef, which is the largest coral reef ecosystem in the world. Newzealand’s capital and most artsy city wellington are famous for the architectural build. It has two landmasses, north and south islands with over 600 smaller islands.

The volcanic North Island in Newzealand is of dreamy intimacy. NewZealand is most famous for backpackers and overall is a sum-up of dramatic landscapes. It has jord-lands National Park, cruise on Milford Sound, incredulous and thunderous waterfalls, shimmering cliffs, and rainforest. Newzealand is celebrated as adventure capital for skydiving over Lake Taupo, caving, Bungy jump (best at  500ft Nevis

Bungy Jump outside of Queenstown or smaller ones in Auckland), and even skiing. For a calming reflex, you can visit Abel Tasman National Park with turquoise blue water, warm temperatures, and dense jungles.

The common mistakes travelers make is in calculating the flight time between Australia and Newzealand. The flights within Australia range around 5 hours and NewZealand is farther away with more expensive flights. If you want to book smart initiatory on a perfect route, we will help you!

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