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You name your interest and we will list down the countries all over Asia for up to mark vacations. Asia is spread across 48 countries. Asia is the richest place for global history, the diverse cultures with different languages and its interlink between countries. Moreover, Asia is known for tender hospitality, well-spiced cuisines and representing every climate on the globe. Asia has a fair name gained for introducing it’s cuisine variety from different countries through the western countries and is still expanding. Asia holds countries known as “The Land of the Morning Calm” and “The Land of the Rising Sun”.  UNESCO’s World Heritage site has attempted to list down Asia cultural richness via publishing a list of historical and natural locations all over Asia that counts to more than 200 places easily. The southeast Asia legacy includes countries: Sri Lanka, India, Nepa, Indian subcontinent region. Whereas, as far wide East Asia countries include Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bali & Indonesia, The Philippines, Myanmar, Malaysia & Borneo, Singapore, Laos, Japan, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Mongolia among others. Asia expands through the vibrancy of landscapes to inhospitable and far seen six major deserts. In Asia, you can enjoy both natural beauty and humanly constructed beauty of nightlife and technology.

For the sake of enjoying beach life, you can surf in the dozen spots of Bali in Indonesia, which is also considered the first area to start in Asia for boarding water waves culture. Asia holds the label for bordering the third largest Island in the World “Borneo” shared between Brunei, Malaysia, and Indonesia Or you can surf through the nightlife of Bangkok and cabaret robot technology in Japan.

Pakistan’s culture has been limited to the books for a long while due to security. Now Pakistan as a developing country welcomes tourists from around the world to experience the mesmerizing lakes, trekking in the highest mountains and cultural heritage of all four provinces in the most affordable terms. You can explore the Philippines also known as the pearl of the orient seas, a country occupied thrice by others for its natural beauty and 7000 islands.

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