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  • We hold the right to update, modify, and/or remove any section of our privacy policy or terms and conditions at our sole discretion. The changes or revisions might occur due to the evolving upgrade in the legislation and software technology. To avoid any mishap or future disagreement please read through our sections of policy and terms and conditions Or ask us away if any changes have been made. We will also send you an email before the application of the changes. 
  • To serve our three objectives, we may use five categories of information about you. Our objectives are: to provide services and maintain contact with you, an effective way to collect data for our research purpose about your preferences and behavior, and direct marketing. By accepting our terms and conditions you agree to provide and let us use and share your details. The categories of information includes: your name and contact details, call recording when you call our customer service, flights and hotel booking details, cookies as you visit our website and news shelter, and social media details.  
  • We have the right to access your personal information for the verification of your identity for hotel and airline seat reservation and confirmation. 
  • We are not responsible for any baggage/ luggage damaged, stolen or lost situations. Under such circumstances, we advise you to contact the airline you booked the seat with.
  • Our privacy policy is not applied to third parties link that might appear on the website .
  • If you have any confusion or queries regarding our policy or terms and conditions, be comfortable to reach us out in through email or call or visit us at our agency.
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